Are you a parent who dreads report cards, parent/teacher interviews, or calls from the school? 

With this assessment our goal for you is to learn about the hidden root cause of your child's literacy challenges and (if aplicable) confidently present a plan to your child's teacher as we turn things "write" around!

This assessment focuses on a common root cause behind messy writing (dysgraphia), poor spelling, slow reading, inconsistent attention, trouble turning thoughts into words, and dyslexia. We also create an ability profile to leverage personal strengths and set goals for the most important areas of interest.

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At the end of this assessment you will have a clear vision and understanding of how your child's foundational gaps are affecting a range of issues, and make a plan for applying their individual talents to resolve the gaps. If applicable, you will also have knowledge that can be shared with teachers and administrators to gain support for your child's new learning process. 

This assessment is virtual for your convenience.

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