Are you a parent who dreads report cards, parent/teacher interviews, or calls from the school? 

With this assessment you'll learn about the hidden root cause of your child's literacy challenges and (if applicable) confidently present a plan to your child's teacher as we turn things "write" around!

This assessment focuses specifically on a common root cause behind messy writing (dysgraphia), poor spelling, slow reading, inconsistent attention, trouble turning thoughts into words, and dyslexia.

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Yes you read that right! Spelling and Punctuaction are not your average literacy adventure.

Now that you have certainty with the letters of the alphabet, you're ready for the Quest that plays with the craziest language to spell on the planet--also known as English!

Because you know the alphabet--which is basically a 26-letter word-- forward and backward, you're absolutely ready to nail the spelling of any word in English that you wish.

In Punctuaction we play as we get to know those little marks on the page: why we need them, their names, and what to do when you see them while reading. Plus we have our very own Punctuation Rap that will have you dancing and singing along as you complete this quest.

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