About Us

What we stand for

At The Learning Force, we challenge the status quo of learning limitations. We reject the notion that obstacles such as messy handwriting, poor spelling, slow reading, difficulty in expressing thoughts, or inconsistent focus are permanent barriers to a person's success.

Traditional education systems have been slow to evolve, clinging to outdated notions of ability and potential. In a world where "accommodations" often lead to feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and frustration, we stand as a beacon of change. We understand that these negative emotions can contribute to the current mental health crisis, and we are committed to a different path.


Our approach is rooted in the groundbreaking science of neuroplasticity, which reveals the brain's remarkable ability to rewire itself and forge new capabilities. We don't just believe in the power of neuroplasticity; we've witnessed its effects firsthand.

For over 20 years, The Learning Force has facilitated rapid and unexpected transformations, turning learning challenges into celebrated achievements that were once thought impossible. Our students emerge with their best report cards, school awards, and a newfound motivation that leads to consistent, impactful improvements. We empower students to develop powerful habits that open doors to limitless opportunities.

This powerful insight by Futurist Alvin Toffler fuels our mission to challenge and change outdated educational paradigms. It's also a call to action for every person to commit to lifelong learning. This is why we work with families and teams.

We advocate for the unlearning of

  • limiting beliefs about human capacity,
  • fixed mindsets,
  • the illusion of separation, and
  • the misconception that happiness is derived from external sources.

Instead, we promote the relearning of identities and values that evoke feelings of freedom, joy, gratitude, and optimism. 

 Quote by Diane Devenyi Those who can adapt will survive. Those who can connect will thrive.

Our culture has created experiences of disconnection. We have dis-membered our own mind, body and spirits, our bonds to each other, and our inter-connectedness with all life. 

It's time to re-member the complete human, our communities, and our world. That's why we design programs that satisfy our deep yearning to connect, support, and be supported.



Whatever your story about inconsistent attention, messy writing, poor spelling or learning -- in a matter of hours you can learn to use your head, heart and hands to activate your genius for a lifetime of focused learning, LEGIBLE writing, better spelling, and the confidence that comes from achieving a bold goal.

 Without boring, tedious repetition.

With fun and games!