Meet Diane

"Those that can adapt will survive. Those who can connect will thrive." Diane Devenyi

Our Founder

Meet Diane Devenyi, a powerhouse of passion, creativity, and innovation in the field of education. With over two decades of experience, Diane has made it her life's mission to revolutionize learning and literacy.

A former tax lawyer turned education reformer, Diane's journey began when she witnessed struggles in her children’s traditional classrooms. Determined to make a difference, she discovered how to ignite genius in a way that makes education in every setting fun, meaningful and effective for all students.

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Whatever your story about education, messy writing or poor spelling -- in a matter of hours you can learn to use your head, heart and hands to activate your genius for a lifetime of limitless learning, LEGIBLE writing, and the confidence that comes from achieving a bold goal.

Without boring, tedious repetition.

With fun and games!


Coloring Confidence | Episode 7: Diane Devenyi

Be Excited About Learning And Communicating to Make Bold Choices to Come Alive with Diane Devenyi