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Our proven methods identify and resolve a hidden root cause of literacy and learning struggles in a matter of hours with revolutionary assessments and solutions

  • Families & Schools

    Resolve struggles with

    • Messy writing
    • Poor spelling
    • Slow reading
    • Trouble expressing thoughts
    • Inconsistent focus & boredom

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  • English Learners

    • Limited English?
    • Opportunities slipping by?
    • Want to fast-track your English mastery?

    Transcend language barriers

    Express your unique brilliance

    All ages and stages improve

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  • Businesses + Professionals

    • Personal dynamics training
    • Clear communication
    • Meaningful inclusion
    • Morale improvement
    • Effective solutions
    • Customized options

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Grow closer and happier as a family, team or class with new routines and habits that sprout successful lifelong learning

The ultimate outcome: deeper connections, clear communications, adaptive resilience

Dear Genius, Harness the Hidden Power in your ABCs

Most people believe they know the alphabet better than they do. That's why assessments for literacy issues (such as messy writing, poor spelling, slow reading, and trouble turning thoughts into written or spoken words) rarely examine true alphabet certainty.

It's also why programs seeking to enhance productivity miss opportunities to boost skills through alphabet relearning.

When we change what we look for, we find solutions that have been hiding in plain sight. Here's how...

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