Are you curious about what could be holding you or someone you care about back from success? Do concerns about keeping pace with the rapidly changing world keep you up at night? Have you ever wished for a powerful tool to enhance focus and communication skills in today's dynamic environment?

Let's start by Awakening Hidden Attributes!

The goal of AHA-Assessments is for you to learn:

  • a significant hidden root cause of focus and productivity blocks, and
  • how to turn talents into powerful skills for life!

At The Learning Force, we draw on decades of experience that have revealed the limitations of traditional assessments focused solely on identifying gaps in foundational skills.

Our unique AHA-assessments not only identify surprising blocks that impact most children and adults, they also acknowledge individual skill sets and untapped potential of each person.

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Learning happens faster when your mindset is positive. That's why we're committed to focusing on your genius at every step of the assessment journey, especially when identifying hidden learning blocks! AHA-Assessments are designed to spark curiosity and optimism about taking your next steps.

Leveraging recent developments in neuroscience, we are equipped to assess a range of challenges, including

  • messy writing (dysgraphia),
  • poor spelling,
  • slow reading,
  • inconsistent attention,
  • trouble turning thoughts into words, and
  • dyslexia.

This Assessment provides a professional review of ONE AHA-Assessment form and a personalised report that you can use to plan next steps for yourself or your child.

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What are the steps for a Basic AHA Assessment?

1. You receive a welcome email with details for completing and submitting your AHA-assessment form.

2. You complete the page (usually takes 10-15 minutes).

3. You email a photo or scan of your form to

4. Within 48 hours you receive an AHA Report based on your unique responses. This is when your mindset starts to open up to your new identity of potential.

What's the next step?

First, celebrate what you have learned about how your genius is at play :-D

If applicable, you will have new information you can present to your child's teacher.

Next, decide how you want to turn your (or your child's) talents into creative, lifelong focused learning skills...

Contact Us for a strategy call.

What's AHA Assessment VIP?

AHA Assessment is designed to provide you with experiences and insights into your unique skills and challenges as part of a supportive community.

If you desire a more personalized touch, our AHA Assessment VIP offering is tailored just for you. After immersing yourself in the engaging gamified experience complete with your personalized Dashboard, you will elevate your experience with a one-on-one virtual debrief session led by our Founder, Diane Devenyi LLB, MEd. This exclusive opportunity allows for a more intimate exploration of your assessment results, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique journey.

Please note that spaces for AHA Assessment VIP are limited, so be sure to sign up today if you are interested.