A global initiative to share literacy assessments that not only identify gaps in foundation, but also inspire and motivate students (and possibly surprise them) with their own unique forms of genius.

In elementary schools, early identification can

  • help educators quickly see hidden gaps in alphabet certainty, and
  • prevent hidden blocks that are currently being experienced by millions of learners around the world from creating lifelong challenges.

In middle and secondary schools, foundational gap identification can

  • be the critical first step for understanding a range of literacy and learning issues, and
  • provide motivation through clarity for students for whom nothing has helped.


Launch Date: April 1, 2024

Completion Target Date: April 1, 2025 (or until we touch 1,000,000 students worldwide).


All schools and educators are welcome to join us! The first 5 (Founding Members) will receive complimentary training. We are seeking sponsors for all other schools.


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