Are you an educator who is looking for the most valid and reliable assessment tool for literacy foundation? Would you feel relieved if you could have your entire class complete it together?

There is a surprisingly simple assessment that shows you exactly where to focus in order to build a solid literacy foundation. It is also efficient because it takes minutes for students to complete themselves.

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WELCOME! We are committed to helping you satisfy government assessment requirements and provide you with the easiest evidence-based assessment tool that not only targets foundational gaps, it also points to direct solutions that boost literacy skills.

As an educator you are always seeking new ways to bring the best out in every child. In these two 60-minute webinars, you will learn how to assess hidden gaps in literacy foundation, gain insight into your students' talents and know the next best steps for resolving the gaps by activating their talents.

Imagine knowing a common root cause of messy writing, poor spelling, slow reading, trouble turning thoughts into words, and inconsistent attention. Now imagine also learning about a surprising process for filling in your students' gaps and enriching their capacity to learn.

For the second session, come prepared with some of your most intriguing assessments as we master the steps for identifying order versus disorder. 

What's included in Educator Aha-ssessment Webinars?

You will join us for two one-hour webinars and experience

  • an introduction to the concept of Letter Dis-order (in contrast to Letter Order)
  • how to bust myths about many literacy and learning challenges
  • the theory behind Aha-ssessments
  • step-by-step demonstrations for analyzing completed forms and individualized reports
  • opportunities to debrief assessments of your own students
  • tips you can use right away to boost focus with your students

You will also have access to our recorded library of previous Aha-ssessments.

These recordings are indexed in categories according to specific issues we will cover in the webinars for easy reference and pratice.

We love school communities!  Contact us for group offers

When are the next webinar dates?

Next Webinar Dates are January 10th and 17th, 2023. Contact us to set up specific sessions for your school or board.

Are the webinars recorded?

Yes! As a registered participant, you will receive a recording of the webinars. We highly encourage you to attend them live, however, because you'll have a chance to ask question as they arise.

Even if you attend live you'll be glad to have a chance to review the recordings--because they will be jam-packed with nuggets!

Do you ever do in-person sessions?

Yes we do! Currently our live events only happen in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are always open to coming to your group, however,--let's talk!

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