Did your education fail to prepare you for today's dynamic world? Are your literacy level or focusing issues holding you back from opportunities? Would you like to bring your adaptation and communication skills into the 21st century?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the right place! Let Alphabetter Bootcamp boost your progress with hands-on activities that improve your literacy foundation AND level up your lifelong social and professional skills.

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Alphabetter Bootcamp - In Person

Alphabetter Bootcamp - In Person

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ALPHABETTER BOOTCAMP is designed to radically improve your literacy, learning and focusing skills in a way that no other adult classes do.

Today's shifting workplace can be challenging without a solid foundation. When you apply these fresh strategies in a learning community, in just 3 weeks, you will feel more confident and ready to adapt, connect and communicate -- for life!


  • Increased positive mindset toward lifelong learning  

  • Longer attention span

  • Certainty of the English alphabet

  • Greater confidence for interviews, test taking, presentations and writing 

  • Neater printing
  • Better spelling
  • Faster reading
  • Ease expressing thoughts

"Thank you for giving us new ways to look at life, learning and our dreams!" -- Bina

We love groups! Contact us for group offers.

Register now to experience how certainty in the alphabet is a powerful way to feel more confident socially and professionally

What’s included in Alphabetter Bootcamp?

Alphabetter Bootcamp is a three-week scientifically proven structure that provides everything you need to fill in gaps, build new habits and soar to the highest connection and communication heights!

  • Pre-requisite: One-week self-guided AHA-assessment preparation that sets you up for success when we meet live.
  • Start with a 2-day live IN-PERSON weekend workshop that always delights and supports transformations.
  • Weeks 1-3: Three weekly virtual coaching group sessions that mix the Sciences of Happiness and Learning to bring it all home.
  • Custom-designed Fearless Learning integration journals
  • Materials kits for 2 participants that are exclusive to Alphabetter Bootcamp
  • A supportive online community
  • 3 bonus downloadable Success Guides
  • Other surprises...

We love community!  Contact us for group offers.

Alphabetter Bootcamp is for any person who is both ready to explore and committed to adventuring in a group to unlock hidden talents and open strong communication skills --for life!

When does the next Alphabetter Bootcamp start?

Next AB Start Date is APRIL 15, 2024 with a 2-day in person workshop on APRIL 20 and 21, 2024 .

Contact us for other start dates.

Does Alphabetter Bootcamp correct dysgraphia or "messy writing"? Can it be corrected? I understand it to be a 'unique way of being' we adapt to rather than something that needs to be corrected?

We have confidence in the ability of every person to re-learn the letters of the alphabet in a way that supports their ability to produce printing that is in order-- as opposed to the dis-order of dysgraphia.

With respect to dysgraphia being "a way of being" it's true that some people  have the ability to "bend reality" and see things  differently from what we tend to consider to be "objective reality".  This tends to interfere with literacy skills, which require a consistent perception  point that is frequently different from the creative perception point.

It has been our experience that specific grounding and activities re-orient these creative and talented athletes, scientists and artists to be connected to literacy in accurate ways. They don't lose the ability to be creative in their unique ways, but they can choose when to be oriented for literacy success.

Diane's own experience of re-learning the alphabet gave her freedom to express her creativity more than she ever had before.

Is Alphabetter Bootcamp for everyone?

If you are looking for a solution to boost resilience, lifelong learning and literacy skills for yourself, or your community group then this is the place for you!

We not only create a strong fresh foundation for learning, we achieve it through play in just 3 weeks!

Alphabetter Bootcamp is for any person who is ready to find joy and success in lifelong learning, and can commit 30 minutes per day, plus TWO 7-hour weekend workshop days, to the adventure. 

Does Alphabetter Bootcamp help with spelling and punctuation?

Once the 2-day Alphabetter workshop is completed we explore spelling with AB strategies to help you practice using your new alphabet in real life! 

The Alphabetter process of re-learning the letters of the alphabet includes mastering the sequence, both forward and backward. The very same actions work for spelling.

There is a more in-depth Spelling and Punctuaction option that you can add to your experience if you wish.

When will the in-person bootcamp sessions take place?

The next Bootcamp sessions are April 20 and 21, 2024. Note that you must begin AHA-Assessment by April 14, 2024 to be ready to join us. Each day will run for 7 hours (with breaks).

Weekly coaching occurs at different times for different communities, depending on where in the world everyone is. In the past, we have had groups meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays.

Because the live sessions are all recorded, it's never a problem if you can't always make them live. Feel free to send in your specific questions so they can be answered.

You'll also be able to interact with each other in our Fearless Forum through your personal dashboard.

What if I can't attend the LIVE weekly coaching sessions? Will they be recorded?


If you aren’t able to watch LIVE, you can watch the recordings later. It’s all about working flexibly with your schedule.

If you have any questions and cannot attend in person, you can submit them in advance, so that you can still have your questions answered. We also have regular email communication for feedback and questions.


It's very important, however, that you choose a course start date so that you can attend the 2-day weekend workshop days in-person because this has been proven to be the most powerful part of the Adventure. The in-person sessions are not recorded, but there are trainings in your Adventure Dashboard to preview (before the weekend) and review (after the weekend) for your convenience.The Bootcamp weekends are NOT recorded because you must attend them with us.

How much time will Alphabetter Bootcamp require?

The 2-day Bootcamp weekends are 7 hours each day (with breaks). The weekly live sessions are 60 minutes. 

From your Dashboard trainings, you'll have actions to practice and skills to grow. As with all areas of life, the more you put into the adventure, the greater the result.

We have designed Alphabetter Bootcamp so that 30 minutes per day will produce great results. This includes doing some Warm Up training practice every day, and completing your Happious Journal during the 3 weeks after the first weekend.

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