Are you a parent who worries about your child's future because they struggle with literacy, focus or learning challenges? Are you committed to supporting your child's success? Do you believe that there is a solution?

Well, you found it! Alphabetter Family is your hands-on path to legible printing, focusing tools that work and increased confidence toward lessons, assignments and tests.

Create a great future as a family! In just 3 weeks!

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Alphabetter Family -- In person

Alphabetter Family -- In person

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In only THREE WEEKS each member of your family will feel closer & happier with fresh creativity, learning & communication skills–for life!

ALPHABETTER Family is for the parent who is ready to explore  new hands-on strategies and go where you have not gone before for extraordinary results :-D

"They have both received their best report cards ever!" J, Father of Kyle and Kim

"Matthew is reading for fun for the first time in his life!" S, Matthew's Mom

We love community!  Contact us for group offers

What’s included in Alphabetter Family?

This is a 3-week rapid experiential transformation that includes weekly virtual coaching PLUS a 2-day live in-person weekend workshop.

We follow a scientifically proven structure that builds a positive mindset, brain capacity, plus focusing and social skills.

  • Individual online gamified platform with three weeks of virtual lessons and progress tracking.
  • Materials kits for up to four participants that are exclusive to Alphabetter
  • 3 bonus downloadable success guides
  • Other surprises...

We love community!  Contact us for group offers.

Alphabetter is for any parent who is both ready to explore and committed to adventuring with their child to unlock hidden talents and open strong literacy skills --for life!

When is the next Alphabetter (2-day weekend) Bootcamp?

Next 2-day in-person workshop is April 6-7, 2024.

The session for this Bootcamp must be started no later than April 1 (so you can complete Family Baseline prior to the weekend).

Contact us about other start dates.

How does Alphabetter engage reluctant learners? (S/he loves to learn but not at home, and especially not with us!)"

When a child is living with the stress of feeling inadequate in some way at school, often because they are not successful at all that's being asked of them, home is the place where they seek sanctuary. If the challenging school tasks are being repeated at home, and nothing is changing to increase competence and confidence, resistance is common.

Alphabetter is specifically designed to engage the parent as a co-pilot--one who is learning new skills and mindset shifts alongside their child. The dynamic is very different from the one in which the parent is the adult/instructor.

Parents of reluctant home learners find that if they engage themselves fully in the process and invite the child to join more as a peer, there is a shift in the dynamic. 

The activities are also very different from common homework tasks. When we match natural kinaesthetic skills that feel logical, relevant and purposeful to life goals, learning becomes the joyful adventure it should be.

Does Alphabetter correct dysgraphia or "messy writing"? Can it be corrected? I understand it to be a 'unique way of being' we adapt to rather than something that needs to be corrected?

We have confidence in the ability of every person to re-learn the letters of the alphabet in a way that supports their ability to produce printing that is in order-- as opposed to the dis-order of dysgraphia.

With respect to dysgraphia being "a way of being" it's true that some people  have the ability to "bend reality" and see things  differently from what we tend to consider to be "objective reality".  This tends to interfere with literacy skills, which require a consistent perception  point that is frequently different from the creative perception point.

It has been our experience that specific grounding and activities re-orient these creative and talented athletes, scientists and artists to be connected to literacy in accurate ways. They don't lose the ability to be creative in their unique ways, but they can choose when to be oriented for literacy success.

Diane's own experience of re-learning the alphabet gave her freedom to express her creativity more than she ever had before.

Does Alphabetter help with spelling and punctuation?

Once the 2-day Alphabetter workshop is completed we explore spelling strategies during the 21 day integration session to help you practice using your new alphabet in real life! 

The Alphabetter process of re-learning the letters of the alphabet includes knowing the sequence, both forward and backward. The very same actions work for spelling.

There is a in-depth Punctuation and comprehension option that you can add to your experiemorence upon completion of Alphabetter.

What if my child only uses cursive writing at school? Will this be confusing and set them back?

If your child has never been taught to use printed letters while writing by hand, this is the time to fill in that gap!

Even if we never use a pen and paper (because everything is digital) it's really important to have certainty of the printed letters. After all, that's what you use when reading both digital and analogue books, magazines, sites and networks. If there's any confusion, it's distracting and slowing you down.

When speaking with your child's teacher, show them the alphabet assessment form and explain that you want your child to resolve their confusion about the printed letters and print their letters for a period of time (rather than use cursive) to fully integrate them.

It won't be long before their printing is solid. That's when cursive can be re-introduced.

Do I need to attend the Alphabetter Bootcamp with my child?


You can complete virtual trainings individually as you wish, but the Alphabetter Bootcamp weekend must be attended in person with every family member.

Of course, it's always more fun together.

That's why it's called  Fearless Family Bootcamp Plus ;-)

How much time will Alphabetter Family require?

The weekend workshops are 7 hours each day (with breaks).

From your Dashboard trainings, you'll have actions to practice and skills to grow with your child. As with all areas of life, the more you put into the adventure, the greater the result. Thirty minutes per day will achieve great results.

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